Learning the skill of focus

Learning the Skill of Focus Video - $39.95
Features & Benefits • Learn how to perform your very best - every time! • Learn how to add the SKILL of FOCUS to your arsenal of skills • Learn how to be totally FOCUSED, and then REFOCUSED for the next game ... EVERY GAME with Dr. Rick McGuire, University of Missouri, 30 year NCAA Division 1 coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport Psychology Wouldn't it be great to be totally dialed in, totally focused, game after game? In this presentation, Dr. Rick McGuire, a 30 year NCAA Division-I coach and nationally recognized leader in Applied Sport Psychology, provides a clear and concise "how to" guide that will enable athletes at all levels to learn the SKILL of FOCUS! McGuire will teach you that learning focus skills is both a process and a practice. He takes you through a progressive 5-step process that will make focus a weapon in your arsenal. McGuire identifies the "here and now" as the most critical time and place for you to focus while performing. McGuire teaches you how to develop a tough, "right here right now" mindset; ready to perform and totally focused. He reinforces his concepts with sound foundations of sport psychology and proven professional methods. Dr. McGuire is a gifted and passionate teacher. You will learn how to implement a routine to get into your "zone" for peak performance no matter what sport you play. Next time you perform in a competitive environment, make certain you are totally FOCUSED and ready to deliver your best using Dr. McGuire's proven techniques! 80 minutes. 2013.