Teaching The skill of focus

Teaching the Skill of Focus Video - $39.95
What Do All Coaches Want? I believe that what all coaches may want more than anything else is for their athletes to show up on competition day totally “focused”, totally intending to deliver their very best performance. Possibly they want even more for their athletes to show up at practice every day totally “focused” to have a great practice. If they are focused at practice everyday, they will have a more effective practice. They’ll be better athletes because they had great practice. Now, when they show up for competition day, game day, they will be better athletes, capable of delivering an even better performance. And they’ll be really good at being “focused” because they’ll have been practicing it every day. Then they’ll be really focused and totally committed to delivering their very best performance. This is what coaches really want. Coaches want their athletes to bring their Best Focus today, every day! Focus is way more than just Concentration. Focus is Being … • In the Present • Totally in the Moment • In control • Poised • Composed • Concentrating • Ready • Motivated • Engaged • Confident • Courageous • Resilient • Tough … Able to Re-Focus … Totally Trusting! Every one of these are important elements of being in, or having great Focus. And every one of these is just a thought. Because they are just thoughts, any athlete could have every one of them at any time. They are just thoughts, so they are just a choice. Thus, Focus can be completely controlled. Focus is a choice! Focus is the well-spring of “Peak Performance”, … of being “In the Zone” … and, of “Flow”! Focus is the key to great performance! Focus is the key to unlocking an athlete’s kinesthetic genius and brilliant performance. Focus is the catalyst for achieving excellence and success. Ultimately, Focus is a vital key to performing, to achieving, to qualifying, to medaling and to winning! Thinking comes before performance. Performance comes before outcome. Thus, to give yourself the chance to perform your best, you must have the skill and discipline to be Focused first. Focus is the single most fundamental skill of all sport skills! Coaches can teach the skill of focus! As coaches, we pride ourselves in being great teachers of skills! We now must direct our attention to understanding how to teach the skill of Focus!