What is positive Coaching?

Positive Coaching provides coaches and sport leaders a scientifically and philosophically sound way to help athletes to prepare better, to perform better, to achieve more, to be prouder, happier, healthier and more fulfilled, and to be motivated to want to continue to do and achieve even more. Positive Coaching allows athletes to tap into the upper ranges of their capabilities, and to develop and to deliver their best performances more consistently. Positive Coaching is the gateway to achieving real SuCCCCCCCess, both in and out of sport! Positive Coaching is all about … • Striving for excellence. • Understanding that it does matter that we win. • Achieving optimal performance. • Teaching and modeling the process of SuCCCCCCCess. • Leading a group to become a highly effective team. • Nurturing intrinsic motivation. • Communicating with our athletes just as we would wish to be communicated with by our own leaders. • Respecting and protecting the self worth of every athlete. • Being Demanding Without Being Demeaning. • Shaping the athlete’s will without breaking his or her spirit. • Realizing that it does matter that we win … because it absolutely does matter that we win in the life of every athlete with whom we have the opportunity to serve as their Coach!

The Building Blocks of Positive Coaching

Teaching Guiding Encouraging Building Believing Caring Sharing Giving Forgiving Expecting Respecting Modeling Serving Inspiring
Building Blocks of Positive Coaching
Dr. McGuire on Positive Coaching and The Positive Coaching Digital Workshop The content of this Positive Coaching Workshop is intended to be applied in all sport settings; however, it is also appropriate for any setting in which a leader and a group are striving for excellence. After all, coaching is about a relationship between two or more individuals where the coach's role is to share with the other(s) in such a way where the other gets better both now and in the future. From the CEO "coach" to the office managers, to the project managers, every individual will benefit and grow from the lessons provided in this workshop. The Power of Positive Coaching may also be extended to civic organizations, youth organizations, parents, collegiate organizations, professional organizations, fitness groups, and more.
 Our Mission: To promote POSITIVE COACHING in sport at all levels, and to enhance lives and society by “Winning Kids With Sport!” Positive Coaching is Right Coaching … Best Coaching … Real Coaching!