Positive Coaching Digital Workshop

Ideal for Coach Education & Professional Development

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About the Online Digital Workshop

This online platform brings the Power of Positive Coaching directly to
your School and Athletic Department! This is a powerful application of continuing
education and professional development for your entire coaching staff, and beyond!

Dr. Rick “Coach” McGuire, renowned sport psychology leader, professor, &
former Head Track & Field Coach at the University of Missouri, guides you and
your staff through the instruction and application of Positive Coaching.

Principles of Positive Coaching

Discover the Calling
  • Reflect on personal values and foundational beliefs.
  • Identify goals and purposes of the sport experience.
  • Develop and shape coaching philosophy.
  • Adopt the role of the learner.
  • Choose to model and develop positive character…relentlessly!
Build the Foundation
  • Create and nurture each individual’s feelings of self-worth and self-esteem.
  • Promote and protect the priority of each individual’s well-being and happiness.
  • Develop and foster the sense of meaning and purpose.
  • Develop a healthy attitude toward competition.
  • Develop the desire to have fun.
Cultivate Positive and Caring Relationships
  • Communicate respectfully with those whom you lead, just as you would wish to be communicated with by those who lead you.
  • Develop a spirit of cooperation.
  • Demonstrate and utilize positive, active, constructive instruction.
  • Demonstrate and utilize positive, active, constructive responding.
  • Develop and model the regular sharing of gratitude.
Empower Growth Mindsets
  • Develop and model a positive approach to achieving SuCCCCCCCess and emphasize engagement in the process.
  • Develop the realization that nothing of any real value is ever achieved without hard work and dedication.
  • Develop intrinsic motivation, internal motivation, approach motivation, and positive motivation.
  • Develop the recognition of personal autonomy, self-confidence, and self-determination through the use of one’s own ability to make decisions for oneself, about oneself, and by oneself.
Inspire Passionate Hearts
  • Develop the desire to strive wholeheartedly toward personal excellence.
  • Identify and build upon each person’s strengths.
  • Model, promote, and nurture positive emotions.
  • Develop the perspective of optimism as defining the sport culture.
  • Celebrate and savor individuals’ experiences of achievement and success, both in and out of sport.
Produce and Achieve Optimal Performances
  • Develop and model the skills of “Thinking Right” in sport.
  • Develop and model the skills of focus and self-control.
  • Develop and model the skills of the C’s of SuCCCCCCCess.
  • Develop and model the skills of Mental Toughness.
  • Develop and nurture an environment that supports flow experiences.


  • Lesson #1: Introduction to Positive Coaching
  • Lesson #2: “Thinking Right in Sport!”
  • Lesson #3: The Scientific Foundations of Positive Coaching
  • Lesson #4: Stage 1 – Discover the Calling
  • Lesson #5: Stage 2 – Build the Foundation
  • Lesson #6: Building a Construction Model for Positive Coaching
  • Lesson #7: Stage 3 – Cultivate Positive and Caring Relationships
  • Lesson #8: Stage 4 – Empower Growth Mindsets
  • Lesson #9: Critical Conditions for Achieving Fulfilling Team Experiences
  • Lesson #10: Stage 5 – Inspire Passionate Hearts
  • Lesson #11: Teaching the Skill of Focus
  • Lesson #12: Developing Mentally Tough Athletes
  • Lesson #13: Stage 6 – Produce and Achieve Optimal Performance

Our Mission

To promote Positive Coaching in sport at all levels, and to enhance lives and society by “Winning Kids With Sport!”

Positive Coaching develops competitive athletes and teams by teaching and modeling the process of how to be a suCCCCCCCess, both in and out of sport.

Demanding, NOT Demeaning!

Ready to Enroll and/or looking for more information? Please email: missouripositivecoaching@gmail.com

Key Components of Positive Coaching 

1. Thinking Right in Sport
2. The 5 Skills of Focus
3. Mental Tougnness

Workshop Details

  • 13 Lesson Video Instruction with Dr. McGuire Teaching Positive Coaching
  • Each lesson includes video instruction, text, & evaluative quizzes
  • Ideal for head coaches, assistant coaches, graduate assistants, strength coaches, athletic trainers, athletic directors, sport supervisors, new coach orientation, coach remediation, and more!
  • $2,500/school with $1,000 annual renewal fee; or $50/person for schools with 50 or fewer participants
  • Includes 2 hard copies of “The Power of Positive Coaching” & 2 copies of “Winning Kids With Sport!”